Welcome to Legends Labs!

My name's Sean and I'm a figure painter based in Michigan. I am currently accepting commission work for 2016 for any scale and genre of miniature at competitive prices. Please take a look at my gallery of painted models. If you would like me to paint something for you, have any queries or simply want to chat about painting then be sure to drop me an email! 

 I also do model building, major model conversions, sculpting and scratch-building. These are more time intensive however and compensation is commensurate with the effort.

 About me

I was introduced to miniatures at the age of 10 with Dungeons & Dragons. Not soon after I attempted painting them with the primary color acrylic paints i had available to me. RPG games fueled my love of miniatures until I discovered Table top war-games.  I realized that I enjoyed building and painting models as much or maybe even more than playing the games. Many people who play table top war games dislike the hobby side and just want to get to the fights, so that is where I come in.