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WidgetWizards - Malifaux Tokens

Review - Malifaux Tokens from WidgetWizards

We have begun playing Malifaux a lot lately, with most of us being brand new to the system. We quickly realized that we could really use some tokens to help keep track of conditions and activations. Come quick internet searching found us an Etsy Seller that created custom tokens for Malifaux.

 These seemed perfect and very creative in design. The tokens are designed to work with 30mm, 40mm and 50mm bases, with different token sizes to work with each base. This is a clever idea, but I am unsure if it is really necessary. I imagine gameplay will decide the usefulness of this design.

 The inclusion of "Special" markers is nice. This will allow for custom markers to be dropped or server as Corpse/Wreck markers if your factions requires it, without having to dedicate markers to those purposes.

 All-in-all, the token set feels very complete. The only tokens that i think i wish i would have had more of are the "ready" tokens to use to mark whether your model has activated yet or not - but again, gameplay will likely determine if the number provided is sufficient for most games.

 1 - Price

At $20 fo  a set, this is in the mid-range for token sets. A bit more than say Privateer Press faction tokens, but less than what the fucks. For the number of tokens, and the fact that they really have no competition (custommeeple makes limited Malifaux tokens) the price is acceptable


I placed a larger order to try and save on shipping. Not sure that this worked in my favor, as I definitely paid more for the package than the cost to ship, but the box/space filling was done well, and nothing was damaged. I am unsure if they ship smaller orders in envelopes or not, and that would be maybe a little concerning if they did.

 3- Packaging

The tokens arrived in an oversized plastic bag. The bag was not Ziploc, instead folded in half and stapled. Each set of tokens comes with a generic "key" printed on cardstock explaining what each token represents. Not retail level packaging, and it would have been nice to receive them in a bag that could be re-used to carry them.

 4- Unboxing

The tokens themselves are typical examples of laser cut acrylic. 3mm appears to be the size. Each faction gets a specific color and faction image (not Wyrd's image). I have ordered custom acrylic products in the past and am used to having the protective backing film. However, it appears that the laser cut/etch process on these tokens is done THROUGH the top protective film. This is the first time that I have received an acrylic product with the film still on the top side. This is called out in the product listing " All acrylic items are shipped covered in a white protective masking paper." but i assumed this to be just the back side.

 5- Prep Work/Assmbly

This was unforeseen. Yes, i was aware that i would have to peel off some masking, but the amount on these tokens and how fiddly it is to remove made this more of a "kit" than a finished good. I spent almost 1 hour pealing the paper off the front and back of one set of tokens. This was much more than I anticipated and a major negative in my book.

 6- Finished Product

the final result are some good looking tokens unique to Malifaux. They call out that certain tokens are designed to be "writable". This applies to some of the conditions as well as some generic tokens. There are two conditions (defensive and Focused) that should also be eligible for writing, as during Malifaux gameplay it is possible to get multiples of these conditions as well. The defensive token has enough space to accommodate this, but the focused does not.

Jun 28, 2016 Category: Reviews Posted by: yxdxfx