Some people love to play games but do not like the "hobby" portion of the game. Let us help you!

The most basic service we offer is that of Assembly. Assembly is broken down as follows:

  • Order Picking - If we are supplying the models or if you are, it starts by getting the product to be assembled. A project bag is labelled with the order #, and the model  box is packed into the bag.
  • Content verification - We make sure that all of the pieces, bases, decals etc. that are listed in the content of the package are present. Box content is verified and the box is broken down and placed with the models inside the bag.
  • Cleaning - All models are put through a rigorous cleaning process. Those brand new models are likely coated in mold-release from the manufacturing process. Mild detergents and brushes are used to clean the sprues and loose model parts. models and parts are left to air dry. Once complete, the content is again verified (to make sure nothing was lost during the cleaning process).
  • Clipping/Trimming - If the models are received on sprue, each individual piece is cut form the sprue. Model pieces will be removed from the sprue in assembly order and sub assemblies will be kept/bagged together. Once removed (or if there was no sprue) the piece is cleaned of mold lines. Files, Clippers, razor knives, sand paper and scribing tools may be employed in the process to clean the lines of the model.
  • Assembly - We use cyanoacrylate adhesive for plastic/sytrene/Resin models. For foam or more porous surfaces a PVA glue will be used. If a pose is not specifed for the model, the assembly instructions or pictures on the box will be used as guides for assembly. Assembly does NOT normally include affixing a model to a base. This can be included if requested.


Assembly is included in any other services that is ordered automatcially

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